Shaanxi Wangjiang International Trade Co.,Ltd.

We was established in Xi’an City , China in 2020 as the trading division of Wangjiang Nut Group Co.,Ltd, which was established in Xinjiang, China in 2008.This group is a comprehensive agricultural and sideline products processing enterprise that integrating production,processing,cold chain, storage and sales,specializing in plantation and international trade of nuts and dried fruits, such as walnuts,raisin,cashew,pistachio,almond, macadamia nut,and dried mango etc.The total investment of the company is RMB 10 million. We have two main factories and many partner

factories.One of the factories is nearly 15000 square meters in Xinjiang and has an annual production and processing capacity of 15000 tons.

Another one of the factories is in Danfeng County, Shaanxi China, which mainly production and processing walnut kernel. Our star products are  Walnuts with thin skin and thick flesh and kernel,mainly come from Xinjiang, the largest production area in China.Others are in Yunnan Province,Hebei Province and so on.There are about 10 team members for trading business and more than 200 other members will bring the best quality foods to all over the world continuiously with the best services. Our vision is to bring health and green to everyone and  integrity, responsibility, innovation and sharing are our corperate culture.

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